Shared experiences


With over thirty years experience. Dean quotes a multitude of things.

Exercise regularly. Diet……good quality. No drugs, plenty of water, talking therapy and not necessarily professional. Limit social media, cut toxic people out earlier, regardless of benefits, don’t overload yourself, you know your limits, get the right medication. And trust your gut, it’s always right regardless of what your mind is telling you.


I would say talking and sharing. Being honest with yourself. Try not to be around negativity weather it be people or the news on TV. Try to be in control, don’t be ashamed to ask for help or be ashamed of taking medication.


I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2019, although had been struggling with it since early teens. I find that having a balanced diet and attending the gym regularly helps massively with my mental health. It is probably the 2 biggest factors for me to maintain good moods. Having good support from my fiancé, family, friends and the guys from my support group goes a long way as well. I try my best not to put too much pressure on myself to succeed in every way of life, as that can affect the way I am feeling massively, although that is sometimes a bit easier said than done.


Here’s a wee list..


Journaling- trying to think of even one positive a day, speaking to someone you trust, keep consistent with taking medication, trying to get out for even a 10 minute walk for fresh air, be honest with yourself, consistent use of meditation for even 5 minutes a day, be nice to yourself, self care activities, not being afraid to ask for help, focus on what benefits you, not trying to help others if you don’t feel great yourself, keep the energy if you need it just to get through the day.

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